Sunday, 6 March 2016

Confessions of a cookbook addict.

Lets talk about books bae-bee, lets talk about coo-oo-king. Lets talk about all the cookbooks that I own and more bae-bee, lets talk aboooout books!

... ok i'll stop. I can tell you are rolling your eyes at the screen and you have every reason to :)

But seriously, lets talk about cookbooks.

I think one of the big questions with people who love to cook and eat is 'how many is too many cookbooks?' have you ever googled this? I have. And I think that was my answer... if you have to ask, you already know.

confessions of a cookbook addict | salt sugar and i blog

The 'library' tab above which links books I own to the recipes I've blogged about is a significant list but embarrassingly so, I've got more books than listed there and every week a new book pops up from another chef I love, a blogger who I'm addicted to or a cuisine I want to learn more about and I have a weekly obsession and HAVE to own the book NOW.

I do my research on each book before I buy and read book review after book review like they are going out of fashion but once I've got an idea in my head the bad reviews are easily skimmed over and I only pay attention to the 5 star ones which makes the need and want to buy it even more strong. The way I'm trying to see it is that some people collect stamps or coins and I collect cookbooks. I don't think it's an item to collect that will eventually make my great-great-grandchildren rich like stamps and coins sometimes do and they are certainly not a small item to collect. But the excitement of receiving a new package in the mail, knowing that inside is a beautiful bound book full of recipes that will soon be cooked in my kitchen, shared with friends, be the next best birthday cake or just the Wednesday night dinner that turns into a weeknight staple is waiting in the pages to be cooked and eaten. It's exciting. I read cookbooks before bed and have a stack on the night stand most of the time, I grab one to read with my Sunday morning cuppa on those lazy weekends and if I find myself with a spare couple of minutes before I have to leave, my nose is buried deep in one. I'll be dreaming up ideas for the ideal dinner party I'll eventually have when I can fit more than two guests in my apartment, or the Friday night dinner I'll make instead of order pizza or that nights dinner and mentally working out what ingredients I already have and what I can substitute for what.

And oh my goodness... the smell of a new book... gives me shivers. I've been known to walk into bookstores, do a few laps (of course stopping and flicking through the cooking section) just to get a fix and then walk out, Tris shakes his head at me every time.

confessions of a cookbook addict | salt sugar and i blog

I'm too scared to count how many I have incase my heart stops at the thought of how much money I've spent on cookbooks alone. I'm running out of shelf space and there is no more wall space to add more shelves...

So I've come to a conclusion.

My name is Dani and I'm a cookbook addict.

I can't help it. I already have three cookbooks which are sitting in a my bookdepository shopping basket as I type this. I do not need anymore books... but I want them. And I will probably buy them after I hit 'publish' here...

The first step is admitting you have a problem right?... so if I do not post after today, please send help. I may have been unwillingly enlisted into cookbooks anonymous. Or squashed by an overloaded bookshelf collapsing on me.

Do you also suffer from this addiction? if so, how many cookbooks do you own?

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  1. This is an old post but I'm going to guess you're still a cookbook hoarder. I am as well. A serious addict. I have A LOT. I could have written your post. I have them in the living room (2 full bookcases), the kitchen (I large bookcase), a bookcase in my office, many many boxes in my garage and a's pretty ugly. Oh, and included in that are many many magazines I just can't let go of.


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