Friday, 4 January 2019

So long 2018 | Bring on 30

Dear 2018 - you flew by.... so long sucker!

You weren't a huge one for cooking as you probably realise my posts were far and few between. It's been a year though. A big year for change. A little bruised in areas but stronger in the end, I think. There have been some moments which have taken my breath away (crossed things off my bucket list) and moments that knocked me for six and made me realise how short life really is and how important it is to cherish the time we have together.

For a little round up of my 2018 and what might be useful for 2019.

  • One pot pasta's are fabulous, delicious and easy to clean up.
  • Time away from technology and internet is a much needed detox in our world. Go off grid, you'll feel better after.
  • Disease doesn't discriminate.
  • I am terrible at keeping secrets.
  • Just put your exercise gear on - it's too late to change your mind and cancel the class then and you'll feel better for it mentally after.
  • Air Con is god.
  • Snorkelling is terrifying but is easier with pool noodles and gets less terrifying when you just breathe.
  • I miss long physically exhausting days on my feet.
  • You are never too old to learn something new.
  • You can never have too much patience.
  • There is a lovely bush walk down the road from our apartment which I NEVER knew about and I should make this a regular walk.
  • Water dragons can loose their tails and they will grow back.
  • Nursing homes are interesting places. Laugh along with them or you'll cry.
  • Families are mad
  • Families are love.
  • Friends are family too.
  • Learn to cook a roast this year with all the trimmings. I will be doing this.
  • Take more photos. I will also be doing this.
  • Print photos. Very 00's but nothing beats a stack of printed photos to flip through.
  • Christmas is much more fun when you are not a grinch.
  • New Year Eve is best spent at home on the couch with prawns and bubbles.
  • I got the best birthday present (see below).

I didn't have any new years resolutions welcoming in 2018 and even if I did,  I didn't look back to my December 2017 post once when I probably should have. I could have reminded myself of some epic recipes from the year before (green chicken meatballs & salad pizza) and some great tips (the gym isn't so bad & check the wash for odd black socks). I could have also avoided the whole 'I don't want a birthday' mood  I do every year and reminded myself they are quite fun.

I turned 30 you see. Are you meant to feel different when you leave a decade for another? I am, in a way, happy to leave my 20's and excited for what my 30's hold. I feel old enough now. Not in any way near or where I thought I'd be if you asked 18 year old me, but 18 year old me was an optimist and I'd say I've grown into a realist. I had the most lovely of days being spoilt rotten and loved. Flowers, cupcakes, coffee in bed, gifts, beautiful friends, phone calls from family, a Hawaiian Vietnamese Luau, dancing till gone 1am, a husband who was home (fifo - I'll explain another day) and a handmade 'bespoke' bookshelf to home all my favourite cookbooks. I am a lucky girl. And now for the annual reminder to future me - birthdays aren't so bad. Shut up and enjoy them.

We had a quiet NYE. It was glorious. Seafood, bubbles, soft cheeses, crusty bread, couch, Netflix, pyjamas and fireworks (through the bushes) from our balcony. I am officially old. And love it.

So now to 2019 - Frankly, I think you arrived way too early. But I might just be ready for you. I'm ready to cook more, write more, read more, love more and enjoy the now. Bring it!


  1. Love your collection of books! That Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat seems really interesting! Happy New Year to you, Dani!

    1. Thanks Angie! Salt Fat Acid Heat is a must have cookbook, I love it!
      Happy New Year to you too :)


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