Tuesday, 6 November 2018

North West Island 2018

So here I am, back from the chaos of moving and the bliss of holidays. Oh take me back to where the sun was warm, the sand was ouchy and the water was crystal blue. Take me back to North West Island where the only plans anyone had were sunset drinks by the log. *sigh*

What did we do on an island for two weeks with no cars or shops or mobile reception?

We ate like kings and feasted on some of the freshest seafood you can get (lobsters, Spanish mackerel, coral trout and squid to name a few), thought about what we were going to eat next meal, drank espresso martini’s, gin & tonics, red-skin vodka, Alby-coladas and prosecco spiked Pims, floated in noodle seats in crystal clear water, named some turtle friends (Chunk and Tezza), snorkelled for the first time (only a slight panic attack), fed the sharks (yep really), caught a fish, named some bird friends (Trevor and Trish), spotted some incredible marine life (whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles, snorkel-creatures, flying fish, 1000’s of sea slugs, eagle rays jumping, stingrays and lots of fish I don’t know the names of), dodged noddy bird poo, lazed in reclining lounge chairs under beach umbrellas, read Crazy Rich Asians (good holiday read!), nearly ate a poisonous crab (thank goodness for the Telstra tree), made some really great friends, thought and talked about food some more, drank rosé by the sunset log, dreamed of clean feet and conditioned hair, played Bananagrams, went on daily walks around the island, saw the mutton birds land (sorry, Shearwaters), floated some more in our pool noodle seats and didn’t look in a mirror for 2 weeks. It was boss.

Not much more than that to report... TAKE ME BACK!


📷 A.Wilson

Turtle Recce.

📷 A. Wilson


The Girls & Sunset Log.

The Boys & Sunset Log.


  1. My bags are packed for the next trip!

    1. Sounds like a plan! You now just need to not hate sand so much :)

  2. Sounds dreamy...happy recharging!


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