Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Tuesday feels.

So here is a little bit of link love.

I'd like to say this will become a somewhat regular thing where I add links to what I've been reading or watching and any insightful ideas or stories I might have, but truth be told I'm not sure if that'll be the case. But why not add another challenge to my week :)

To start with, I really loved this post which I read on 'The Vanilla Bean blog' that has a quote from Neil Gaiman about making mistakes this year, it's a refreshing way to look at the new year ahead.

This post and this post (dumplings and cheesecake... YUM!) from Amelia at Bon Appetempt made me purchase Ruth Reichl's book, My Kitchen Year from book depository and I can't wait for it to arrive.  You should also watch this video which her husband made of their son(s) - Congrats :)

Last week I discovered Tifforelie's youtube channel. I have been following her on instagram for a while now and when she posted she had a vlog channel on youtube, I couldn't click the link quick enough. It makes me want to pack everything up in the truck and leave yesterday!! I also want to try and make my version of the smores donuts she eats in vlog 2, they look indulgent and decadent mmmm.

pasta | salt sugar and i

On Friday night I made the most delicious dinner for one. It could have definitely fed two but since I was alone on a Friday night I thought I'd treat myself to a huge bowl of delicious baked eggplant, chilli, garlic and prawn pasta, on the couch while watching the end of Vampire Diaries seasons 6 (my guilty pleasure) with a large glass of chilled rose. If I can recreate the pasta it I'll post the recipe here because it was one of those little effort, huge flavour ones we all love.

This week, Luisa from The Wednesday Chef posted some behind the scene snap shots on her blog from her Classic German Baking book which she is working on. I feel like I've been hanging on for every post since she announced she was making one for more news and I have my fingers crossed for a springerle recipe. Springerle are a traditional Christmas cookie (see Luisa's post about them here) and my dad used to talk about having them as a kid so I'd love to bring back a family tradition. Plus everyone needs more cookies at Christmas time right?!

And finally since plums are in season I made the famous plum torte over the weekend with my bestie and I suggest you do too if your on this side of the world and plums are in season. Its easy, delicious and a great excuse for cake, not that we should ever need one.

Until next time x


  1. Loving the links and that bowl of pasta♥


    1. Hi Summer, thanks so much for stopping by! The pasta was so delicious, I'm hoping to have the recipe up here soon...just want to make sure it wasn't first timers luck :)


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