Friday, 7 August 2015

A little ramble about night-time baking.

I wanted to insert a meaningful or inspirational quote that sums up food and life but instead I opted for cookies. Thats inspiration right?

Over the past two weeks I've changed. I've started baking at night time after work again which is something I used to do before I knew there was a whole other world of food out there, before I found food blogs, before Masterchef and before I thought I wanted to work in a commercial kitchen. It originally started purely as a selfish act. When I wanted something warm, comforting and sweet but a prepackaged cookie wouldn't suffice, I baked and thats how my love of cooking started. I'd always loved food.. I've been an avid eater from day dot.

Why am I sharing this little ramble with you? Here's why...

Last week I made brownies at 9:30 at night for bookclub, this week I baked vanilla cupcakes and whipped up vanilla buttercream icing after work for my sister birthday, for the past two Thursday nights before bed I have made pizza dough for Friday nights dinner (recipe is a revelation! - I will share soon) and on Sunday I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies from a new cookbook. And I loved it. I didn't even mind all the washing up...

I think I'm back for real...

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