Thursday, 7 August 2014

Jamie Oliver's Pork Meatloaf and Spaghetti sauce from Save with Jamie.

A little too hungry for our own good...I wasn't too sure if I should write about this recipe purely for the fact that we'd eaten nearly the entire dinner before I realised I hadn't taken a single photo. Ooops! Is it even worth taking a photo of half eaten dinner?? I wasn't sure but did anyway.

I love meatloaf and I love spaghetti so there wasn't anything not to love about Jamie Oliver's Pork Meatloaf with Spaghetti sauce from Save with Jamie. It was super easy too with not too many dishes at the end to clean up and the chilli's in it were great. As Jamie puts it 'The chillies add great depth to this sauce...' and they do. It's a nice surprise of heat when you think you've got a carrot and its half a chilli. I used the larger red chilli's, not the small birds eye... they might be a little too hot for my liking.

Jamie Oliver's Pork Meatloaf and Spaghetti sauce

This was a recipe that didn't require the entire kitchen cupboard contents plus the kitchen sink in the ingredient list like some of Jamie Oliver's recipes do. It was simple and easy, like his Naked Chef days. There was no funny ingredients, just good old weeknight cooking. Now I say 'good old' but lets be honest. This was not your average meatloaf and not your average spaghetti sauce. This was a kick ass recipe I would definitely do again and again. I added double the amount of feta, by accident because I'm starting to think I might need glasses but it worked and I would probably add double the amount again when I make it another time.

It would be a great meal to have everything ready to go if you have people over. It wont break the bank and it's a little different take on a couple of classics. If someone served me this up, I'd be well chuffed - as Mr Oliver would put it.

This recipe can be found on -
Jamie Oliver's Pork Meatloaf with Spaghetti Sauce from Save with Jamie.

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